Monday, January 27, 2014

Pass It On


Posted: Jan 26, 2014 01:00 am
Some days we need to know God as someone not groveling on the same plane in which we live, but someone lifted up, revealing the glory of the God whom Jesus calls “Father.” What may seem more important to you – Jesus’ humanity or Jesus’ divinity – may depend on the day. Both are true. Call on him.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Time to Reflect, Renew and Act

January is an interesting month...

It feels like a new beginning but somehow we can't help but look back at the past. The balance between the two can be delicate with the hope that the result allows us to reflect practically and move on to renew. It is important practice to give our 'history' its rightful place yet at the same time look to the future as a light. As in everything the balance is the key. It makes the future newer, brighter and of course lighter.

The schedule at St. Thomas this January has been intentional.  Two weeks ago we celebrated Ministry Sunday with prayers, recognition pins and a lovely  reception in the garden. It was a great way to reflect on the past year and enjoy all that we have had the privilege to be involved in. It was a beautiful day of worship and fellowship for our church family.

This past Saturday we gathered to participate in the St. Thomas Saturday Seminar with representation from  ministries throughout the church.  We shared ideas to strengthen our congregation in the coming year as we take our mission out into the community. We talked at length about caring for ourselves and each other as we set out to do God's work.

"Making a difference for others because

God is making a difference for us"

We also spoke at length about the changing role of the church in our world.  This impacts us greatly not only as a congregation but  as we serve as Christians in our community.  This experience was very enriching and enlightening. It resulted in  renewed energy that we can now draw from one another. The support that came from just having each conversation can move mountains. We shared personal  vision for our church and made visible commitment to that. You need to know that you have great and loving leadership in the ministries of this church.  They are awesome.

Finally, we come together at our Annual 'Town Hall' Meeting, this Sunday, January 26, following our 10:00 a.m. Services.  We'll meet in the Parish Hall, share coffee and bagels, and discuss a bit about the past year and plan for the future. We'll vote for new Vestry members, take a look at the budget and programs of the church and God's plans for us will begin to take shape.

For those of you following the sequence of the title,this is the action step. Commmitt to being a part of this process. Join us as we plan.

It is an important time, don't miss it...Come share in the future.

See you there!

P.S. Childcare will be provided in the Nursery until 12:15 p.m.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pass It On

Happy day after hump day, first week back!

Think twice about this entry, then imagine the world in a new way. Could be awe striking!


Posted: Jan 09, 2014 01:00 am

Jesus is the Wisdom of God, the Word made flesh, the One through whom all things came to be. All things. Ponder those words: all things. It’s a mistake I think to make a distinction between so-called secular knowledge and so-called religious knowledge. A Christian worldview rightly embraces all things: all knowledge, all inquiry, all exploration.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Extreme Grandparenting General Meeting this Sunday

Grandparents, you are a member of the best "club" on earth, you have

 GRAND love in your hearts!

We have been experiencing such great success in our "Grace based Parenting" class that we are extending the opportunity to grandparents and extended family care givers to experience the JOY of raising children in a home filled with God's grace. Our children and grandchilren live in a world that completes for their time and attention constantly.  The challenge of raising truly great kids who can deal with massive exposure to the adult world and develop biblically based moral values seems far fetched at best and impossible to many parents.  Grandparents can help. We can team up with our children.

Here's how:

We invite you to become a part of a Grandparent Class which will share, explore, discuss, debate and plan how to make a positive difference in the lives of our God given gift of grandchildren.

January 5th will be an organizational meeting to discuss class logistics and introduce the proposed resource "Extreme Grandparenting: The Ride of Your Life" by Dr. Tim and Darcy Kimmel of Grace Based Parenting fame. All grandparents or people who interact with and impact children are welcome!!!

GRAND LOVE, Sunday, Jan. 5, 9:00 -9:50 a.m. in the Guild Room -

 Join us, you'll be very glad you did!

QUESTIONS? Contact Julie Songster or Elaine Patrick

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pass It On

Here we are in 2014. Welcome to a whole New Year of possibilities!


Posted: Jan 02, 2014 01:00 am

When we remember the story of Christmas, we have hope. If God can be born in the noise and smell and filth of a barn 2000 years ago, then he can be born in the chaos, and violence and uncertainty of our world today.