Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pecans are here! Bakers for Garden Reception this Sunday

Hello to all -

Pecans are here

Thank you for your patience in waiting for the pecans to arrive.  They are here and sorted. All orders are ready to go and can be picked up in the church office.  If you are unsure of your balance due, please call ahead for that information. Payment will be due upon pick up.

There are a limited number of extra items for sale. We have butter roasted, honey roasted, milk chocolate still available.

Bakers for Garden Reception this Sunday following Lessons and Carols

With weather permitting, we would like to add a bit of the holiday season to coffee hour this Sunday.

Following Lessons and Carols there will be a Garden Reception of cookies, punch and coffee. If you would like to bake or contribute cookies please let us know in the church office by this Friday, December 5th at 10 a.m.  We will be shopping for supplies in the afternoon. Thank you!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Advent has begun...(all links now work!)

It is the first Monday of Advent following the first Sunday of Advent...

So how are you feeling?

We have enjoyed a bountiful Thanksgiving. No matter how you chose to celebrate, we hope you celebrated 'all in' - that is to say, with everything you have to give to those around you and possibly even a bit of time to focus on yourself.

It then follows that we do the same for Advent. Whether you are solo, with family, with mate or with friends, remember your church community.  We all go into Advent from different places. This gives us plenty of opportunity to grow, to learn and to be there for one another. Together as a community, one body in Christ, we will soon arrive at Christmas Day.

Here is a 'most current' listing of happenings at and around St. Thomas for this Advent Season. If anything pops up or changes, you'll be the first to know!
Praying for you this Advent Season - two words... ALL IN

The Festival of Lessons and Carols
Sunday, December 7, 2014  10:00 a.m. 

Adult Education Offerings

Not A Silent Night 
Mary Looks Back to Bethlehem
Author: Adam Hamilton

Two chances each week to join the discussion - 
Monday evenings from 7 - 8 p.m.
Sunday mornings at the 9 a.m. hour

Some cyber ideas that are accessible by computer, tablet or smart phone:

SSJE - Brother Give Us A Word
Daily Meditation
All of our prayer is about God. It’s not about us. In our prayer, we are being re-membered by God, we are being re-attached, we are being “put in our place” in the heart of God.
Also available from this site  - A link to take part in creating a Global Advent calendar @ Anglican Communion. Images and thoughts can be added by Twitter and Instagram. This is an amazing sight, check it out.



Monday, November 24, 2014

'Not a Silent Night' begins tonight at 7:00 p.m.

Our Adult Offering for Advent

Not A Silent Night, Mary looks Back to Bethlehem
Author, Adam Hamilton
7:00 - 8:00 p.m., Guild Room
Child care available

Spend Christmas with Mary -
Imagine Jesus from Mary's point of view - proud of her son, in awe of his gifts and mission, guided by love for him as a person and so much more.
In this book, Adam Hamilton begins at the end, with Mary at the Crucifixion and Resurrection; travels back in time as she witnesses Jesus' life and ministry; and ends at the beginning, with the Christ Child born in the stable, Mary's beautiful baby.

This year, experience Advent and Christmas with Mary.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Youth Day at Rainbow River!!

What a beautiful place...

And the fun begins...
Which way is upstream?
Double trouble!
The pageant wave

Next up? Come help us plan..
Wednesday Night -Dinner & Downtime 6:00-7:30 p.m. 
(bring homework if you need to!!)
Sunday Mornings - 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. - Fearless Conversation begins Nov. 30
Why did Jesus come as a baby?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pass it on...

Wisdom seeks truth. Wisdom seeks life. Wisdom seeks light. And, surely, wisdom seeks love. Wherever these things are to be found. Maybe in church. Maybe in the lab or the museum or the concert hall or on a stage or screen. Maybe in our relationships. Perhaps wisdom is not so much a particular thing or a particular understanding of things, and more an attitude, more a disposition of expansiveness.

FLower Guild of St Thomas

Flowers are given to the Glory of God

designed by Terri Coryell and Barby Fields

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Trunk or Treat this Wednesday, 5:30 p.m.

Join us for a simple, fun and safe event for the children of our parish and neighborhood. 

Trunk or Treat 

Decorate your car trunk, (not required)

bring treats to share (required!!)

October 29th, 5:30 p.m. 

Preceding Supper, Song & Prayer




Saturday, October 25, 2014

St Thomas Gathers Children and Youth Ensemble in preparation for Lessons and Carols

Children and Youth Ensemble will begin practice Wednesday, November 5th, 6:30 - 7:00 p.m.

This years Lessons and Carols Nativity Tableau will create a memorable coming together of our church community.  Exciting musical offerings, the unfolding of the Christmas Story through  written word and movement promises to be a beginning to the season that will be unforgettable.

One of the featured groups will be a newly formed Children and Youth Ensemble, ages 2nd Grade to 8th grade. Rehearsals will begin November 5th and will continue through the  month of November and into the first week of December (12th,19th and December 3rd).

Join us for dinner at 6:00 p.m. followed by rehearsal and usual Wednesday Night programming.  Those children and youth who are participating in the ensemble are welcome to join both Godly Play/ Messy Church or Youth Group at 7:00 p.m. to wrap up the evenning.  Please contact Rick Smith at the church office for further details, 896-9641 or

In addition, we will have character roles to fill and readers needed for each Lesson. One rehearsal only will be held for these parts and it will be Sunday, November 30th begining with pizza and drinks at 6:30 p.m.   If you are interested in being involved in this part of this years service, please contact Elaine Patrick at the church office at 896-9641 or ewhitep@aol.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pass It On

Whether you have a shadowy past or are as vulnerable as a dove – many of us are probably a bit of both – God knows, God loves, God calls you by name. God longs to bless you, and bless others through you.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall Lockin And Blessing of the Animals has Arrived

This Friday/Saturday 
is filled with kid fun!

Join us for our 

Kids Lockin/Fall Edition

Crazy FUN, Formation Fellowship for munchkins!
Outreach will benefit SPCA
We will be collecting blankets,
 towels, cat litter and pet food
Friday, October 3rd at 6:00 p.m. to
Saturday, October 4th at 8:30 a.m.
We request parent assistance Saturday a.m. in setting up the Parish Hall for Sunday Service

Kindergarten through 6th grade
Cost  $15 per child
Pizza Party and Light Breakfast included
RSVP 896-9641

 Parent pick up Sat. a.m. allows families to join in the Blessing of the Animals Service 9:00 a.m. in The Curry Garden

Saturday, September 20, 2014

INT'L PEACE DAY - Sunday, Sept. 21st

What do you IMAGINE? 

This is one of those times...

Sometimes we imagine a world without war,
Sometimes we imagine true respect and human equality,
And sometimes we even imagine all people willing to stand hand in hand for peace.

Let's celebrate peace, lift it up and believe in it. Trust in our God who can help us achieve it.
  Tie dye - pull out that shirt, we know you have one! 

Our Sunday School kids will film a short video message of support to send to St. Albans Episcopal Church as they plant and dedicate their Peace Pole this Sunday at 11 a.m. We were busy baking in the kitchen last week: Peace cookies from The Bridge were  delivered for the dedication reception and they were excited to receive them!

P.S. Vibrant Faith at Home has some great activities for families this month, all ages, all stages, this and other everyday topics.  Check it out!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Pass It On and then some..

If life is really tough for you just now, name it, claim it, know Jesus to be with you always, even in the valley of the shadow of death… and meanwhile, take time to smell the flowers.
The phrase name it, claim it, know Jesus to be with you always seems to 'be right on time' just like a breath of fresh air as our family reorganizes life with my first born so far away. Each family makes the changes necessary for harmony yet internal struggle may pop up.  Hope this is helpful to anyone going through tough change as we begin yet another school year and another season of life. 

Sunday Morning Ministries is now in full swing. Kids and families are running around everywhere.  All ages are accounted for with a wonderful group of adults so giving of their time. Our hope is that we can be that breath of fresh air each week as you put to rest the worries of the previous week and start a new with the week to come, always taking the time to stop and smell the flowers with those you love. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pass It On

Whatever stands between you and God can be overcome. No matter what sin or fear or guilt or sense of failure or doubt or shame or physical, mental or emotional pain has kept you apart from God, whatever obstacle has gotten in the way, it need no longer separate you from the love of the One who created you and redeemed you and cherishes you as the ‘apple of his eye.’

Monday, August 11, 2014

It's a kitchen cleaning PARTY!

It's past Spring but not quite Fall so we'll just call this event a cleaning party.

Come One, Come All -
Our Coffee Host Ministry will meet at 8:30 a.m. in the Guild Room this Saturday morning to plan for the upcoming season and we will provide a training for all new hosts at 9:30 a.m. in the kitchen.

We invite all parishioners to join us at 10:00 a.m. to make cleaning our kitchen a short and simple task.

As the saying goes many hands makes light work. And who knows you may find that casserole dish that has been missing for several months! We'll have the coffee going and some light treats and that plus all of you of course is what makes it a PARTY! We plan to be walking out the door by 12noon.

Let's show our support for all of the wonderful events that come out of our kitchen and prepare for many more this coming year.

See you Saturday!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Pass It On

Religious bio-diversity may help us to embrace a certain religious modesty, realizing that the full truth is beyond anything a text could convey, beyond anything a human mind can comprehend.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Pass It On

I suspect that the seemingly small, ordinary kindnesses of our lives are magnified greatly in God’s design. We remember the story of the widow’s mite and the stories of the loaves and fishes. What seems like little to us may amount to a great deal in God’s economy.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Messy Church from a Mountain Top View

This week we are honored to host Jorel Carte from Haiti as part of our Messy Church Celebration.  Jorel will be participating in a theme called Bible Mountains. He is currently a mission team coordinator for the Lutheran Church of Haiti; previously he worked for the Village of Hope.

He is a vocal and accordian musician and leads several bands and choirs in Haiti. Jorel's wife Guerline is accompanying him on her first trip to the U.S. and will also join us Wednesday evening.

They have four children, ages 14,13,9, and 3 years. Jorel will share his story of growing up in the mountains of Haiti and all that his country views the protection of the mountains to be.

Join us in welcoming Jorel and his wife as we explore 'Bible Mountains' and the fellowship of Messy Church.

Jorel will also join the Harmony Band for our 10:00 a.m. Contemporary Service in the Parish Hall.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Let's Shuffle! Pub Theology St. Pete invites you to Shuffle Board this Friday

Join us at this historic place for an evening of fun and fellowship! Relax and enjoy an evening out, bring refreshments, visit with friends and try your luck (I mean skill) at Shuffleboard!

When: This Friday, July 18th at 7:00 p.m.

Where: St Petersburg Shuffleboard Club

559 Mirror Lake Dr N
St Petersburg, FL 33701
Cost: No charge!! 
See you there!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Pass It On

We cannot speak peaceful words if there is no peace in our hearts. We cannot offer life-giving words unless the Divine life is within us, ready to be offered to others. We cannot speak with compassion and love unless these virtues are actually growing in our own hearts

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Making the Most of Summer - Part II - Let's Get Messy!

Messy Church: Simple in a Special Sort of Way

Summer Time is Family Time. 

We share a meal, join in activity and celebrate with story and song. We teach our children the value of God's stories as we share them together.  Simple. It's what we do every Wednesday, the difference is family. Our church family spending time together. Messy Church is a chance to celebrate God's  family together. It's really special and simple. Let's make the most of our time together this summer. And let's make it simply wonderful.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pass It On - Essence

The Spirit strengthens us to let go of patterns of pretending and performing that have nothing to do with who we truly are. She strips away layers of anger and jealousy and resentment and pride that have encrusted our hearts and separated us from ourselves and others, and reveals to us the beauty that lies hidden within, the essence of our being, the very image of God.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pass It On

True worship is the engagement with “spirit and truth,” which can create quite of bit of tension. Tension, though it is sometimes very uncomfortable, is quintessential or else there will be no freedom and no strength in the body. Tension is necessary. That is as true for muscles of the body as it is for matters of the heart and the life of the church.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Final Rally for VBS

After months of planning we're in our final week of preparation for Vacation Bible School.  When you look at where we came from and where we are now it shows the  determination and faith of this Parish very clearly.

I'm happy to tell you that we have 25 adult volunteers and 10 youth volunteers confirmed for the week. We have 30 participates ages rising 3 to 5th grade.This number may seem low but keep in mind all the changes we've made and that we are piloting a brand new concept.  This actually affords us the time to give every detail proper attention.

We do have some room left for children to join us if you are thinking last moment that it would be an event not to miss.  And looking at all the plans, you would be right! Just give a call to the church office and we'll get you set up. 896 - 9641.

This week we're finalizing all of the menus for our dinners each night. We are asking for your help with side dishes. Here is our menu for the week, please take a look and see what you might be able to do. Each person would be providing 25 servings.

Monday - PDQ chicken (donated), Potato Salad, Relish Tray, Watermelon.
Tuesday - Mac and Cheese, Toss Salad,  Relish Tray, Assorted Fruit
Wednesday - Hot Dogs, Cole Slaw,  Relish Tray, Assorted Fruit
Thursday - Olive Garden Spaghetti (donated), Meatballs, Toss Salad w/ mozzarella, Relish tray, Watermelon
 Friday - Taco Bar Dinner, ground beef (seasoned), lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, salsa.

We Look forward to hearing from you!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pass It On

This life is a gift – not to be earned, but received – the gift of living in union with God.

Making the Most of Summer - What's your Plan?

It is no secret that most of us look forward to the 'lazy days' of summer. Schools of all types are ending, vacations are being planned, we're ready for that well deserved break.

We have learned how to make the most of the summer months in order to rest and renew for the months ahead.   But what are we thinking about spiritually? How does God fit into our summer plan?

Pentecost is upon us. We celebrate the 'going forth' of our faith.  The rush of the Holy Spirit which transforms the disciples, excites the notion that we too have an opportunity to meet those around us where ever they are and invite them to be a part of the God-experience.  We have many new faces at St. Thomas so we can start with the person in the pew right next to us. We can even challenge ourselves to find a community in need much like our youth will do on their summer mission trip.
Right here at home VBS will be happening. There really are so many possiblities.

This Sunday we will celebrate Pentecost - open our hearts to each other and to whatever God calls us to do. We will celebrate the family we have become as the church, St. Thomas.  We will welcome new members in baptism.  Our children will sing as we join in worship and we will all gather after service and feast on a delicious Pancake Brunch.
    -  It seems the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of summer - much like a family reunion. I think you might have the beginings of a plan!

Pancake Brunch

hosted by the Young Families of St. Thomas
following the 10:00 a.m. Service in the Parish Hall

Menu: Pancakes & French Toast with Topping Bar
          Bacon or Sausage
          Juice and Coffee
Cost: Adults $6, Youth ages 4-12, $3, children 3& under eat free

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Welcome II Psalms in Harmony Service this Sunday

II Psalms shares original contemporary music this Sunday 

This week Harmony music director, Jay Shull is joined by Harley Smith and Sergio Rivera to share their  original  music in our 10:00 a.m. Harmony Service.These are faces very familar to us sharing the beginnings of a new journey; their band named II Psalms.

They have formed the band II Psalms to share 'a different kind of praise music'. Their hope is to write music that deals more with the things we do in real life: struggles of faith - issues of social justice. 

Possibly these are themes that speak to people about what's real for them day to day as Christians.

 Their sound and style can be described as new grass, folk or even acoustic rock or alternative country.
  "Our sound comes from mostly secular music like Dave Matthews, Mumford and Sons, Civil Wars. John Butler and others"
This Sunday affords the opportunity to come out and worship in a new way. Supporting the efforts of Jay and his fellow band members you are able to  share in contemporary worship and a new energy within the parish of St. Thomas. Welcome II Psalms!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

BIG day for Sunday School, trip to Shore Acres Nursing Facility

We invite you to take part in our last trip to Shore Acres Nursing Facility for this year.  Tomorrow, Sunday, May 18th we will meet in the Parish Hall/ Guild room area at 9:45. Russ and Judi Sayles will be escorting the group over to the Nursing Home for a visit and we'll deliver our cookies to our friends there. The group will return before the end of the 10:00 a.m. Service. Nursery and Children's Chapel will be open and running as usually. Families with children of that age may also join us at the Nursing home if they wish.

This will be our final day of Sunday School as we break for summer.We sincerely thank all of our teachers for their hard work and dedication throughout the year.  We have a great summer season in store and we invite you to join us for all the fellowship and fun =

Celebrate the Family of St Thomas 
Penecost Sunday, June 8th
10:00 a.m. Service
Pancake Brunch to follow in the Parish Hall

Children's singing practice each Wednesday, 5:00 to 6:00 p.m.

VBS 2014 Splash Into God's Word
June 16-20, 2014
5:15 - 8:00 p.m.
with Early Bedtime option for 3's &4's
Ages 3 - 5th grade
Finalizing registrations now

Stand by for the announcement of new summertime programming on Wednesday nights beginning with a planning meeting June 11th and program to follow VBS begining June 24th.  Look forward to messy,fun activities in praise and worship.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pass It On

Redemption is reclaiming a memory. It is remembering what clearly was not good, not right, and yet acknowledging, where we can, that what was our breaking may actually have become our making.

Monday, May 12, 2014

VBS Registrations Due May 15th

VBS is moving right along...

We are approaching one month out from our VBS program for 2014 
SPLASH INTO GOD'S WORD which will be held JUNE 16-20, 2014 from 5:15 to 8:00 p.m.

Our dinner menus are coming together nicely with delicious kid friendly menus and plenty of great adult options.  Thank you to Dorine Houston for all of her hard work.  If you'd like to take part in preparing and/or serving any of the nights, please look for the sign up sheets in the Portico and Parish Hall.

The time is here to begin ordering supplies, t -shirts and gather donations for our workshops. We want to be sure we are fully ready for all of our families to arrive. For this reason we have set the DEADLINE of MAY 15th for registrations to be in the office. You may drop them by the office, mail them in or attach them to email. Please use if you choose the email option.The registration form can be found on our website. 

Calling all youth volunteers. Now is the time to sign on to work during decorating week and the week of VBS. This is a great way to start on community service hours for scholarship opportunities.

 If you have any questions at all, please contact Elaine Patrick at 896-9641 or

Saturday, May 10, 2014

He is on the cross. He is in the manger. He is in the tomb, and risen and glorified. He will soon meet us again at the altar. And even now he waits in the wedding chambers of our hearts—reclining courteously.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Celebrate the Family of St. Thomas, Children's singing rehearsal begins this Wednesday

A day to share our love and gratitude for all of the families who make up the family of St. Thomas!

As we welcome our newest members in Baptism, we give thanks for all of our families of St. Thomas who make our place of worship a warm and loving place to be.

When: Pentecost Sunday, June 8th
Where: Main church Sanctuary at 10:00 a.m.

Children singing, families greeting and serving, joy and thanksgiving all around....

Ms. Y will begin singing rehearsals this Wednesday, May 7th, 5-6 p.m.  Please plan to join us as we prepare for a grand celebration!

The service will be followed by a Parish-wide Pancake Brunch.  In addition to the fun, fellowship, and awesome food this provides, we will be raising funds for our St. Thomas  Family Retreat this Fall, September 27,28 at Day Spring Episcopal Conference Center.

 If you are interested in helping out with the Pancake Brunch please contact Elaine Patrick in the church office.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pass It On

Christ was lifted up from the earth in his crucifixion; he was lifted up from the earth in his resurrection and ascension. We lift him up in our hearts and in our witness, in our proclamation. This is our primary vocation as Christians.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Grace Based Parenting Returns,Class begins with Overview, this Sunday, 9 a.m.

Grace Based Parenting - Part Three
Raising Kids for True Greatness

Yes, it's true we're starting a parenting study in MAY! 

I know what your thinking:

" It's crazy! I have so much happening with the end of the school year, preparing for summer vacations and then there's work!"
The truth is as parents we are always 'crazy' with schedules, juggling of responsibilities and life's unexpected "gifts". If we wait for the right time to focus on learning it may never come. Parenting is a demanding job and the best way to be and stay prepared is to take time out for ourselves; to be together and to learn. We'll learn from each other and from God's Word. This is great material you won't want to miss.

Give your self and your kids this enormous gift. 50 minutes each Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. This first week we'll rocket through the first two studies so you'll have a foundation. You'll go home with a great sense of what Grace based Parenting is all about. (for those who have been faithful followers it will be a great review and your presence adds great depth to the discussion!)

 In the weeks to follow we'll share food, fellowship, and information:

  • 10 minute introduction with prayer and reflection, 
  • 20 minute video,
  • 20 minute discussion 

and your out the door!

Our time is short so we'll start precisely at 9:00. The study will provide the book, Raising Kids for True Greatness  by Dr. Tim Kimmel and  a workbook option. Spending time with these resources during the week is purely optional.  You may choose to follow during the study or read at your leisure over the summer. Either way it is information worth having.

Our Nursery will open at 8:50 a.m. for the next 8 weeks. Kids of all ages are welcome during this hour while the study is being held.

I invite you to hop out of bed (OK, so maybe move with intent) just a little bit early this Sunday. The coffee will be waiting for you and your children's friends will be waiting for them! You have nothing to lose and a great deal to gain.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pass It On

Today it all begins: Holy Week, and God’s great work of salvation. Let us ask God to bless us all on the journey, to give us grace to “feel the weight of the cross” as we follow Jesus along the Via Crucis. But let us walk the way with hope and trust in our hearts, for we know and rejoice that the weight of the cross will become the weight of glory.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

First Communion Classes begin this Week

Time is flying by and guess what?

It's sprimgtime and First Communion Classes are ready to begin. We will begin this Sunday, April 5th at 9:00 a.m. in the Guild Room. We welcome back Linda Sordan who will be teaching the class. Details are listed below. Please contact the church office to add your child's name to the list

First Communion Class
An Introduction to the Sacrament of Communion
April 6th to May 11th
9:00 a.m., Guild Room

This five-week class will help your child to understand the history and meaning of the Eucharist, as well as what to do at the altar rail. 
The class will be held each Sunday  morning, from 9 - 9:45 am, through May 11th.  

Traditionally, this class is for children in 2nd grade and older.  We ask that each child attending class be accompanied by a parent or care giver.
First Communion Service will be
Mother’s Day, May 11th
10:00 a.m. Traditional Service, Sanctuary

Monday, March 31, 2014

Make Your Reservation for This Year's Ressurection House Breakfast

 Mark your calendar!  

St Thomas has reserved a table for eight. 
There are seven seats left as of March 25th. 
Call Burrell Wood, 727-528-4015 or email for you seat. Reach out and learn what Resurrection House is all about in our community!  

Our wonderful breakfast event is just around the corner...

7:30-9:00 AM
Thursday, April 24, 2014
St Petersburg Coliseum

535 4th Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL

Robert Schofield will share his journey from homelessness to becoming an employee of Resurrection House, after graduating as a participant. He is featured in Will Bowen's latest book Happy Stories which was recently published.

Enjoy exciting and inspiring stories, great music, and a delicious, hot breakfast, as you hear about Resurrection House's 80% success rate over the years in ending the cycle of poverty and despair faced by homeless and working-poor families with minor children.

For more details or information about sponsorships,
call (727) 823-4742
or email us at

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ready For VBS - Registration open to all

St. Thomas VBS is open for registration and on its way!

Thank you to all who stepped up and made this possibe. We're on our way and it beacuse of your response.
This year will truly be different from start to finish.

What you need to know...

Our first VBS committee meeting will be Sunda,y March 30 following the 10:00 a.m. Service.  We will be in the Guild room and so members will have access to the Town Hall meeting in the Parish Hall if they would like to be a part of that as well.

VBS Registration is now open to all.  Please spread the word to friends and neighbors about the new format.  It's an exciting change and affords us the opportunity to host families in a new way.

Important facts to share:

Our dates: June 16-20, 2014
Our NEW time: 5:15 - 8:00 p.m.
Early bedtime option for 3/4's with pick up at 7:15 p.m.

We will start serving dinner at 5:15 in our Parish Hall. Followed by Openning Session. Openning Session includes our Story time and Music together as a large group

6:00 - 8:00 will be action packed workshops which wrap up in small group. 
Pick up will be at 8:00 in the Parish Hall. 

Friday evening we would like to have a cookout with activities and closing presentation. Families will be asked to bring a side dish to share. Together we can make this an amazing week. We look forward to sharing it with YOU!